"There is a difference between not helping and not providing the help you want. I refuse to enable destruction. If that is what you want, of course I will not aid in it."

Yannick Bouchard
Caroline Gariba
Karla Mialynne
Bruno Walpoth
It will not be enough.
Burn baby, burn.
01 Sep 14 at 10 am

Endless Summer, Ian Francis

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The passion is gone. I realize this now. It’s mostly my fault. I allowed it to slip away. I was too focused on other things. I could make the excuse that life got in the way, and that is true, but I let it get in the way. Like a plate of food left out too long, I allowed other things to take priority and when I came back, it had lost its appeal.

31 Aug 14 at 11 am

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The Abyss