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10 Aug 14 at 6 pm

Phone art

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Scarecrow Oven
Tank Girl
08 Aug 14 at 8 am


Tank Girl by Shoze / Blog

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08 Aug 14 at 8 am
07 Aug 14 at 10 pm

"They want you to be happy"

Old enemies return. We can banish them, but they always find a way to return. They hate the peace, you see.The calm that we find and settle into is utterly offensive to them. The longer it lasts, the more blood-thirsty they become. They store up the loathing…pack it away like a putrid ammunition. They wait until you find the peace and calm, then unload. Every shell casing laid to waste. And then, when you are left battered and bloody…when you are gasping desperately and [they] have but to twitch a finger to end it all, they leave you to rebuild and heal…to allow you to gather your strength and find that peace once more. They allow you what they loathe so you may fall in love with it again only to strip it away again. They feed on the loss. They feed on the despair. They chew and gnaw on your happiness just to shit it down your throat once more. They are only truly satisfied when they know you will keep coming back for more. They know the loss only increases that joy you feel when you regain what was lost. They cultivate it, breed it and make it fat and plump. They allow you to nurse those endless infants of joy. To fatten them for their teeth. Oh yes, they want you to be happy.

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