Julio Reyes
14 Oct 14 at 10 am

Tool, “Third Eye”

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"Shrouding all the ground around me
Is this holy crow above me.
Black as holes within a memory
And blue as our new second sun.
I stick my hand into his shadow
To pull the pieces from the sand.
Which I attempt to reassemble
To see just who I might have been.
I do not recognize the vessel,
But the eyes seem so familiar.
Like phosphorescent desert buttons
Singing one familiar song…"

13 Oct 14 at 6 am

The sea is calling, Victor Grasso

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Alex Pardee

12 Oct 14 at 11 am

By the grace of God.

By the grace of God.

"I am not Herbert."

12 Oct 14 at 10 am


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12 Oct 14 at 10 am

Bone Collector by viobear

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Bone Collector by viobear
12 Oct 14 at 9 am

Etam Cru

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