07 Sep 14 at 10 am

The concept of anxiety, Jenny Morgan

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07 Sep 14 at 10 am

"Placid as I melt into the sea
(Things have gotten closer to the sun)
I wish the tide would take me over
(And I’ve done things in small doses)
I’ve been down onto my knees
(So don’t think that I’m pushing you away)
And you just keep on getting closer
(When you’re the one that I’ve kept closest)”

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Jana Brike
03 Sep 14 at 7 am
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"You may call it ‘the path of least resistance’ but I see it as enabling abuse."

03 Sep 14 at 6 am

Dani Soon (순다은)

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L fucking A
Coloring for grown ups
Nick Gentry
02 Sep 14 at 7 am

David Cheifetz

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David Cheifetz
Sorry for the Inconvenience
02 Sep 14 at 6 am

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Apollo Cacho

"There is a difference between not helping and not providing the help you want. I refuse to enable destruction. If that is what you want, of course I will not aid in it."