"I may be 31, but I’ve lived my life several times over in my head. How? I map out multiple scenarios. Even when making small decisions, such as what to eat for dinner, I imagine the pros and cons and live the experience in my mind. Big decisions are done in worst-case scenario maps. Ultimately, some may say that this is no way to live… but there is a reason my life isn’t a fucking mess. It could have been… I have a map for that."

26 Nov 13 at 8 am

ASE [All Seeing Eye]


"For a man with morals and honor, loving two women is maddening. A duality occurs. One side excited by the prospect of something new and passionate while loathing the familiar, battles comfort and stability. The urge to be free of commitment while recoiling at the idea of breaking the bonds cemented with oath. The choice becomes depression or aggression."

16 Nov 13 at 2 pm

Junk Sculpture

14 Oct 13 at 4 pm

Diary of a Madman, October 14th, 2013

"I want to scream. I want to broadcast my problems to the world. But I don’t because I know people have their own shit to deal with. So my problems get packed away, buried… I constantly put my problems on the back-burner and allow them to boil. Always boiling. Then comes the inevitable over-splash or explosion. Then suddenly… my problems are your problems. I am your problem."

14 Sep 13 at 3 pm


"Stability is a myth."

14 Jul 13 at 10 pm

Communist Daughter. First half is a cover version by my friend. 

28 Jun 13 at 9 pm

2013 Mixtape, Part Three

14 Mar 13 at 9 am


02 Feb 13 at 7 pm



02 Feb 13 at 7 pm