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Black Widow #13

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Black Widow #13
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Love will tear us apart

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Love will tear us apart
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New Mutants #25 by Bill Sienkiewicz


New Mutants #25 by Bill Sienkiewicz

Earth X: Appendix to Chapter Two (excerpt)

Uatu: History has shown from age to age the human condition. They need a hero. A champion. A Savor. But when salvation has come, they turn on that embodied hope.
X-51: But why?
Uatu: Because to be saved is to be weak. And to be weak, one must acknowledge that one exists in a constant state of need. That, in his natural state, man is found to be lacking. For the last time, X-51, mankind resents its heroes because it needs them. And because, more than the heroes themselves, man hates his own neediness.
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Red Hulk vs Spider-Girl
The Amazing Spider-Girl
Earth X #3